Being Human in the Age of the Machine

The machine has already taken over a chunk of our lives and is poised to grab an even larger chunk soon.

We have flying pizza deliveries now. We'll have flying taxis soon. We have artificial knees and hips now. We'll have full-fledged cyborgs soon. Pretty heady stuff, indeed. But what remains of our humanity, you might ask?

I don't know about you, but I ain't afraid of no machine.

You see, while I'm not a technophobe, I'm certainly not a technophile. The machine has always had a place in my life and always will, I'm guessing.

But while the machine can help me stay alive, it'll never help me come alive. That feat is reserved for Mother Nature herself. #ACEingNature is the only way I know how to be human in the age of the machine.

The tech titans are plotting our course off planet earth as you read this. I'll pass. I prefer to spend my energies restoring balance to this blue marble. After what she has done for me, she deserves no less from me.

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