Now I Know Why I Love Landscapes

For over 40 years, I've been drawing a particular landscape. The same basic landscape every time (above). Sometimes I would add animals or trees, but it always started out as this same basic landscape. After 40 years, I think I know now why I love landscapes so much.

It turns out the magnetic pull of landscapes is deeply embedded in our DNA. People from different cultures all over the world tend to like a particular type of landscape: one that happens to be similar to the Pleistocene Savanna, where homo sapiens evolved (see below for a landscape that is inspired by one such savanna).

Therefore, the next time you find yourself looking deeply at a landscape, realize you are not only taking in its beauty, you are also answering the echo of an ancient call to get back home.

So why have I been drawing the same landscape for over 40 years? Well, for two reasons:

(1) because I thought it was beautiful,
(2) because deep deep down in my soul, I am longing for my ancestral home.


Check out this TED Talk to learn more about why we love landscapes:



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