What #ACEingNature is All About

What #ACEingNature is All About

If you've been following us for a little while, you have heard me wax poetic about #ACEingNature. What am I raving about?

#ACEingNature is a set of tools that I make use of to promote my wellbeing, especially mental.

I'm referring to:

1. The awe inspiring feeling I get while "Admiring" the pure & simple beauty that surrounds us. Landscapes do it for me every time.

2. That intense, yet comfortable feeling of belonging or finding my place in the puzzle of life when making deep "Connections" with the planet and the ones I love.

3. That intoxicating feeling that is a mix of wonder and strangeness when I'm out "Exploring" parts of our planet that I haven't visited before.

Admire. Connect. Explore.

That's what #ACEingNature is all about and it has made all the difference for me.

#JoinClubACE and share how you ACE nature.
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