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Here at Nature is Beautiful (NiB), we pay homage to the nearly 14 billion year journey of our universe and each unique connection to it. We celebrate the astronomical and the terrestrial. We revere the diverse landscapes, the skies, the deep blue seas and above all, the interactions with each other that give us our humanity. We created this lifestyle brand with the two-part mission of bringing style and energy to ACEing nature (Admire, Connect and Explore) and to inspire every individual to seek Happy Face.

Clive Walcott:
Founder. Chief "HappyFace" Officer.

After an identity shattering life event (loss of a prestigious job that led to despair), I've been on a journey of rebuilding my identity and self worth. When I ACE nature, I feel anchored to the living and beautiful organism that is our natural world, and part of something larger and deeper. I feel a sense of place that allows me to understand everything better, especially who I am and why I am a vital part of the universe. I start with Admiring the diversity of the beauty that surrounds me, then I Connect deeply to the forces that govern me, then I go deeper to Explore the mysteries that captivate me. Only then do I find my unique place in the long and unfolding story of how I got here. Then I find my happiness. My greatest joy comes from roaming our home world, our blue marble, ACEing nature, and meeting my fellow sapiens. During my travels, I see that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. While ACEing nature, I experience no time, no anxiety, no despair, just existence and balance and beauty and self love. This has changed my outlook on everything. I now look for the beauty in all things and I am overwhelmed by the bounty that is served up every time. I encourage you to do the same. Nature is Beautiful! UR Beautiful! Find your HappyFace!


We all ACE nature in our own individual way. Share images of yourself ACEing nature while supporting a worthwhile cause. #MyHappyFace

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