Nature Therapy

Find a Park | National Park Service: A database of national parks searchable by state, activity or topic (e.g., African American heritage, glaciers, or wars and conflicts). 


7 Ways to Get Nature Therapy, Even If You Live in the City | Forbes: Simple ways that individuals in urban areas can make the most of time outside, even on a tight schedule or limited budget.


Light Therapy
Dawn Simulation vs. Bright Light in Seasonal Affective Disorder: Treatment Effects and Subjective Preference | Journal of Affective Disorders:
A research study on individuals with SAD comparing conventional light therapy with dawn simulation as a treatment for SAD.


Light Treatment for SAD: What You Need to Know | Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Thoughts from a psychologist on light therapy, including the best light box to buy, and on talking with a provider about the appropriate light intensity, wavelength and exposure to use.


Non-Light Treatment Options
3 Strategies to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder | Cleveland Clinic: Approaches to managing SAD in wintertime, including starting an exercise program and intentional social time.